Uncertain Times

What a time to be alive. I’ll tell you these past two weeks have been a whole hot mess of just absolute chaos and I am here for it. This time last week I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, after spending the week being treated for the flu that I apparently didn’t have, and was really struggling to function as a mom and human. Fast forward to today, it will be the last time for at least two weeks that I walk into my classroom, we’ve had hardly any children come in all week over fears of the COVID-19 virus, and ultimately times are uncertain.

I’ve hunted down baby wipes and stocked up on pasta sauce, we’ve decided to start potty training our oldest, and against my better wishes I rejoined the exclusive pumping community as my youngest refuses formula. We’re gearing up to spend a lot of time together as a family over these next few weeks, and I’m both excited and terrified as to what our regular “normal” will look like after this whole virus mess clears up.

To all my fellow parents out there who are stressing during this time of uncertain futures and ever changing rules, just know you’re not alone! We are all just as lost as you feel and if you happen to spend a day cuddling on the couch watching Disney movies, just know we’re all going to be doing the exact same thing. The world is weird right now and it’s hard to articulate just exactly how that makes me feel, but until then I’ll leave you with a classic Dumbledore quote that always holds me over in uncertain times.

Star Watchers

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