50 Things I Miss About My Boys

I didn’t think missing my babies this much was physically possible.

It’s been over a month since I last kissed my kiddos goodbye and told them I loved them while they ran around playing with hot wheels at Grammys house. This past week has been exhausting on all levels and on this lazy Sunday, I thought it was necessary to list all the things I love and miss about my most handsome little guys.

  1. The giggles.
  2. The kisses.
  3. “It’s okay to be sad sometime” Ezra sings when I’m feeling down.
  4. The snuggles during family movie night when we actually have the time.
  5. Them helping cook dinner.
  6. Ollie boy dragging a chair into the kitchen just like his brother to sit on the counter
  7. “More” “Please” as Ollie boy speaks and signs his way to another popsicle
  8. “I so love you” Ezra’s cutest way to say I love you
  9. Park days
  10. Jamming in the car to Toy Story 4
  11. “Can we go to Target?” Oh we sure can buddy
  12. Listening to them play together when they first get up in the morning.
  13. Hearing Ollie go to wake up Ezra if he’s sleeping and Ollie isn’t.
  14. Donuts and the happiness they give my little dudes when we hit the dunks’ drive thru.
  15. “Mask? Mask!” Ollie feeling left out because he can’t wear a mask like Ezra.
  16. Watching Ollie run around naked after shower time.
  17. Listening to Ezra belt any of his favorite songs.
  18. The hugs when I first come through the door and the “MAMA!” that comes with it.
  19. “Mom’s home!” Whenever I come back from literally anywhere.
  20. When Ez lets me paint his nails.
  21. Ollies obsession with shoes.
  22. Watching Ez play nice with Ollie as they share the race track.
  23. Ollie running around with nerf guns way out of his weight class.
  24. Literally anytime the tunnel gets taken out.
  25. Racing monster trucks in the kitchen after work.
  26. Eating together at the tiny table (doesn’t happen often but it’s a fond memory)
  27. Ollie opening the fridge and trying to steal the egg carton as he demands an egg.
  28. Ez helping crack the eggs as he sits on the counters next to the stove.
  29. Ollie saying “up” and wanting to be in on the egg cooking action.
  30. Singing wheels on the bus but instead of actual sounds making fart noises.
  31. When Ezra reads us a story
  32. When I get to read a story to my boys.
  33. The excitement of going to “Old MacDonald’s” and getting French fries.
  34. “APPLE!” as Ollie eagerly rushes for his favorite food.
  35. Watching them dance in the kitchen.
  36. Jumping on the bed!
  37. Shouting “INTO THE POOL” as Ez jumps from one bed to another.
  38. When ollie picks his own clothes out of the clean laundry hamper.
  39. Watching Ez become his own human and put his own clothes on.
  40. Ez talking to the google home as if she were a human and not an AI device.
  41. Hearing “Can we go to Grammys?” at least twice a day.
  42. When I turn the shower on and Ollie tries to jump in fully clothed.
  43. Ezra sweet disposition and emotional depth.
  44. All of Ollie boys snuggles and love.
  45. Watching Ollie grow a little taller and less baby-like every day.
  46. Knowing Ezra is easily the smartest nearly four-year-old I know.
  47. Kissing them goodbye before a long day at work knowing they’re the reason it won’t suck.
  48. When they sit together on the couch and watch a show together because they’re besties.
  49. Knowing they refuse to sleep in separate beds because they just love each other that much.
  50. Knowing after all the bad days, they’re good kids and we haven’t ruined them just yet.

The list goes on and on as the thought of being home with my boys is one that is constantly on my mind! We’re just about at the halfway mark and the days seem to be coming to a standstill, yet this list gave me a little boost as it forced me to open all the happy memories of being home with my boys, even if it subsequently left me sitting here sobbing into my coffee. Being a parent is one of the best jobs in the world, and I regret the fact that recently I’ve been working so hard I haven’t always had the chance to wear my mom hat nearly as much as I would’ve liked. So here’s to the two little guys I brought into this world with no idea as to how it would work out, may you forever be the crazy, sweet, and loving little guys you’ve grown to be.

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