Monday Morning Musings

It's Monday, the sun is attempting to return after a rainy Sunday, and Little Man has been up since his normal 5:45 wake up and is living his best life; the motherhood dream is truly being lived right now. As I sit here typing we're already one load of laundry folded and put away, everyone's... Continue Reading →

Twin Cousins: The Background.

So as you probably know, last May I welcomed my handsome son Ezra into the world, but what you may not know is only about six hours prior to Ezra making an appearance, my triplet sister Erin brought a beautiful daughter Bailey Grace into the world as well. Yes you in fact read that correctly,... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help.

This past week Hurricane Harvey took Houston, and many other parts of Texas, quite literally by storm when it made landfall as a category four hurricane. You can turn on any news channel at any given time and see videos of the destruction that the storm has caused. Homes destroyed, belongings lost, many are struggling... Continue Reading →

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