Minimalism and Pregnancy

A quick glance on how minimalism and pregnancy go hand and hand.

DIY Bean Bags

Lately we've been doing a few things around the house. Purging our wardrobes, getting stuff together for little mans second birthday, and coming up with new and exciting activities for Little Dude during the day as I prepare to start a new job. Today's DIY somehow manages to mesh all three of those things together!... Continue Reading →

I Am Nobody: A Reflection Piece

For today's post we're taking a small side journey away from parenting and delving a bit into some self reflection! Sit back and enjoy my ramblings and feel free to join in with your own! "I am nobody, who are you? Are you a nobody too?" These are the opening lines to an Emily Dickinson... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Africa by Toto

There is nothing better than finding a song that calms your baby down when they're hysterical and luckily (or unluckily for my husband) for our little man that song is Africa by Toto. If you aren't familiar, Africa is a classic 80's hit by the band Toto, and has a catchy chorus that I've loved... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Dad

Happy Father's Day! In honor of the day little man and I have teamed up to write a letter to all the Dad's in the world! As little dude can't really elaborate too much, I figured I'd give him a helping hand in the letter creation. Alternating from my experiences with my Dad, to little... Continue Reading →

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