The “I’m So Glad This Is Going to Be Smashed” Cake: A Recipe

Alright friends buckle up, I decided that for Ezra’s first birthday I’d go all pinterest on it and make a healthy baby smash cake and healthy frosting… you don’t understand how much I don’t cook, let alone bake so why I took this on is beyond me. Anyway, I did some research and combined a few recipes and tweaked as I went, the cake and frosting themselves turned out fine, it was my execution of the ordeal that took it down a road of no return.

The cake itself was simple to make and I’ve created a handy recipe card to pass it along.

The cake is more of a banana bread than cake, but the healthy factor was more what I was going for. Prepping the batter and getting the pans into the oven was easy, however I didn’t check thoroughly enough to make sure one pan cooked before taking it out and was dismayed when I flipped it onto the cooling rack and batter started oozing from the middle. Hasty action was taken by my (thankfully) kitchen savvy roommate and the cake was able to be salvaged and popped back into the oven to cook a bit longer. Once both cakes were done, I stuck them in the freezer to cool before getting ready to decorate.

At this point I took on the frosting, and realized I’d forgotten to get the apple juice the recipe called for, so I simply omitted. The frosting tasted fine, but I did end up adding a little more powdered sugar than called for to try and thicken the frosting and eventually came to a thickness I could work with.

I should mention when making the cake I only had one six inch round baking pan, and used an 8×8 brownie pan for the other layer, so that alone should explain some of the lumpiness, but also my sheer lack of knowledge or skill in baked goods really put the icing on the cake. (Sorry but that pun was too good to pass up.)

Anyway once decorating I tried to fill in and cover up the deformity of the cake with some fresh strawberries and blackberries, add some sprinkles and homemade banners and together came the cake!

I’m very glad this was a smash cake because honestly it came out looking like the little man himself made it, but if nothing else, I’ve proven that pinterest is the devil and hopefully provided some comedic relief for all the other pinterest fail warriors out there. There is solidarity in mediocrity when it comes to parenting expectations, and I’m humbled to join the ranks. Unfortunately little man was sick on his birthday, so I don’t have any pictures, but he did enjoy the cake even if he was grumpy.

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