Free Fun Fridays: Summertime in Massachusetts

It’s no secret that the summer is the best time to take advantage of the many historical sites, museums, and educational experiences Massachusetts has to offer. It also is no secret that visiting the multitude of awesome educational sites in the state can get kind of pricey, but no worries because the Highland Street Foundation has you covered.

The program titled Free Fun Fridays, starting June 23rd through August 25th, provides free admission to a slew of awesome sites on each Friday of the week at varying locations throughout the commonwealth.  The schedule can be found here, and is loaded with all sorts of awesome places to take the kiddos while on summer vacation, or just take a trip out to visit by yourself.

The Highland Street Foundation was established in 1989 by David McGrath, and is now currently run by his wife and five children who have continued its mission of charitable works and all around good natured giving by contributing more than $170 million dollars to multiple non-profit organizations over the years. The mission of the foundation is simple, quoting their website “The Highland Street Foundation is committed to addressing the most pressing needs and concerns for children and families in Massachusetts and California. We Provide access and opportunities in education, housing, mentorship, healthcare, environment, and the arts.” Located out of Newton, MA the foundation continues to work to fulfill their mission by hosting multiple programs and providing grants to meet the needs of the population they serve.

So, grab your adventure hat and pack the snacks because there is an entire world of adventure waiting for you every Friday this summer! Feel free to check out the Highland Street Foundation as well, because any group that is willing to open the doors to educational and historical experiences to the masses is one that I can definitely get behind, and maybe you can to!

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