Pregnancy Round Two: The Good, The Sad, and The Kind of Weird

As a mom of a one super active toddler and twenty three week old womb nugget who is super actively developing in my uterus, it’s about time I got around to writing a post about being pregnant the second time around. Monday will mark month six of pregnancy and it is super exciting to know we already found out the gender, and are eagerly awaiting baby number two’s arrival by slowly gathering all the needed items we may have given away or gotten rid of after Little Dude out grew them. This time around is a different experience for a lot of reasons, which I will break down into categories titled, the good, the sad, and the kind of weird parts of being pregnant a second time.

The Good

Being pregnant a second time is an absolute cake walk because I’ve literally already done this once and am way less anxious this time around. The doctors visits don’t bring out a huge laundry list of questions, I’m not constantly googling every single symptom, and for the most part I don’t even remember I’m pregnant until I bend down or feel a little kick in the ribs every now and again. I have artfully mastered my way around dressing my ever growing baby bump, and am way less afraid to drink coffee this time around.

The best part about being pregnant with a second baby is getting to watch my toddler grow and realizing just how fast time flies, and how in the not so distant future I’ll have another handsome son running around giving me sloppy kisses. Being pregnant while raising the first born is an amazing distraction from all the hours spent when I was first pregnant just lingering on the fact I was pregnant, now I don’t have time really to hyper focus on what could go wrong, but take a few minutes here and there to just be happy I’m growing another tiny human while raising the first.

Second pregnancy
An attempt to capture the belly with Little Dude in the background.

Another awesome thing about being pregnant a second time around is that since this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve put up with significantly less unsolicited parenting advice and name input, we’re pretty solid in how to parent and are waiting to share our name choice for when little man number two makes his entrance, and that alone is such a relief. Being confident in how to parent and be a pregnant person is a great part of pregnancy number two.

The Sad

Realizing that this is definitely our last baby, and the we won’t get a daughter, has been the saddest part of being pregnant the second time around. Once I realized that having two boys means finding an affordable home of our own just got easier because they can share a room really helped me get over that fact though. Another sad part of being pregnant the second time around is the struggle of how I could possibly love both boys the same, when our whole world focuses on our toddler. I know it’s obviously possible to shower both kids with all the love and affection, but sometimes when Little Man’s being extra cute and cuddly I feel a little guilty for the culture shock that he’s gonna face once baby number two is born.

It can be difficult also to face the fact that I struggled pretty hard with Post-Partum Depression, and having to realize that could resurface it’s ugly head makes me terrified to birth this new human. Being pregnant a second time can get sad just realizing all the short comings, or perceived short comings that occurred with my first, and feeling like the second has an unfair advantage because I already know what to do. Babies are an amazing thing, but throw in the uncontrollable hormones and sadness can creep in.

The Kind of Weird

So pregnancy in itself is a weird time for the human body, at any given moment I’m creating cells for eyeballs and kidneys, while also functioning as a normal human and that is mind blowing! A weird thing I noticed the second time around is that depending on where the baby is in my belly, my belly button is more pronounced than other times, this little fun fact was lost on me the first time around and it seriously creeps me out.

Also being pregnant the second time around I realize my dreams are significantly more in depth and strange than being pregnant with my first, and that in itself is super weird to get used to. Being pregnant a second time is physically less daunting since I’ve already been here once and know the feeling, but emotionally it is super strange.

The final weird part about being pregnant the second time around is the fact that it seems to drag on forever! With my first pregnancy I felt like it went by so quick, maybe just because I was busier back then, but chasing a toddler around all day and working at a quick moving job, I feel like time should move just a little bit faster. It could be because there is less suspense leading up to having the second baby since I have a general idea of how its gonna go, or it could just be that the waiting is the hardest part, but man is this pregnancy taking a life time!

In Conclusion

Being pregnant the second time around is an experience that is both totally new, but also super familiar, it’s like going to a chain restaurant in a different state, you have a basic knowledge of what’s happening but the decor and specials are just a little different. Here’s to the rest of this pregnancy, a safe labor and delivery, and one more healthy baby boy in my life, whether it be a three day labor like with Little Man, or three minutes, I just want to be done having babies.

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