Lessons Learned From My Two Year Old

With raising a two year old comes a lot of new and exciting experiences, some more new and others more exciting than others, but what I didn’t realize when I became a parent was not only how much I’d be teaching my little guy, but how much he’d teach me.

It goes without saying that kids are amazing creatures with such a unique perspective on life in general, but two year old’s are a whole other species of awesome. My son just turned two this past May and already I can’t get over how much he’s growing and adapting to being his own independent being each and every day. What I find to be the most amazing part of watching him grow is that he continues to teach me new stuff every single day, and I couldn’t be happier to share some of the gems he’s brought into my life with his little firecracker personality.

Sometimes We Just Need Snacks

I thought I knew what hanger was, but then I had my son. It’s easy to try and brush tantrums and sass off as the terrible twos, but recently he’s hit a point where he gets frustrated by my lack of understanding and will literally drag me into the kitchen and bring me to the fridge. Once we reach the fridge (or the snack bowl on the counter) he will then tell me “I NEED HELP” as he desperately tries to get into whatever food item he wants to eat at that moment in time. Once he eats his snack, the tantrum stops, the tears go away, and he’s back to his (moderately) coherent little self. The same can be said for grocery store or public place freak outs, usually if we’re really hitting a low point I’ll pull out a snack from my purse and he nearly always reverts back to his normal self.

Lessons learned from my two year old
Ice Cream makes everyone happy.

Lesson learned from my two year old, sometimes we’re not actually a mess, we’re just a little hungry and need a snack. I should really keep this in mind as an adult because I feel like it transfers to any real life situation.

The Little Things Are Just As Cool.

Recently we started very loosely potty training, I sit little dude on the potty when we can and he sometimes does his business. It’s not an exact science and it’s very low pressure for him, but while I’m stressing about potty charts and time keeping, he is perfectly content just sitting on the potty with a cardboard box full of letters, or while we take turns blowing bubbles. The little one on one time he gets with me while he sits on the potty is the only thing he cares about, and really it’s the only thing I should too.

Give the kid a couple of whisks from the kitchen or a potato while you cook and he’ll play for hours! Toss him a matchbox car and he’ll “vroom” and “crash” all over the house for however long he sees fit. When it comes to keeping him entertained and happy, hes taught me it’s the absolute littlest things that make his day.

For a two year old life isn’t about making sure everything is perfect and keeping up with the rest of the world, it’s all about the little rocks he finds in the driveway as we leave for the day, or the fact that the trees are the “color GREEN!” while we go for a walk. Little dude has definitely taught me that the little things are where it’s at, and to try and not take life as seriously.

There’s Always Time for Snuggles

I’m a huge snuggler anyway, but when the two year old comes into my bed at four in the morning and snuggles into my arm pit, I always make room.

When I was pregnant with him I couldn’t wait to have him so I could get my bed back and sleep normally again, well two years later he still sneaks into my bed more than I’d like to admit, but truly the pure sweetness of little human cuddles really makes up for the stinky feet in my face.

Toddler snuggles
Exhibit A: Stinky feet in Dada’s face for post-nap snuggles.

Kids grow up entirely too fast and the fact that he now sleeps for the most part in his own room and in his own bed makes it seem like he’s a world away, with each new day he needs me less and less, so I cherish the snuggles at every opportunity. Someday he’ll think cuddling is gross, so for now, I’ll gladly share my spot.

It’s Okay to Be A Mess.

This one really has been the best thing my two year old has taught me in the short time he’s been on this planet. Toddler’s do not care if your hair is a nightmare, they don’t care if dinner is hot dogs and frozen broccoli or a homemade four course meal, all they care about is that they are loved and happy, and truly once I finally get that thought fully into my head life will be so much easier.

It doesn’t matter if he is doing some sort of development enriching structured activity every second of everyday, or if he is just playing mega blocks on the bed while I fold laundry, kids don’t need constant perfection, and we shouldn’t expect that from ourselves as parents anyway.

There’s a saying rolling around the internet that says “kids don’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy one” and that goes for all parents. My two year old has taught me that even on my worst days, he’s still surviving and thriving, and he will never expect anything more from me other than a bunch of kisses and lots of love.

The Take Away

Kids are so forgiving and understanding when it comes down to it, and I’m so glad I have my little guy to guide me through being a mom just as much as I guide him through being a kid. I look forward to learning so much more from my little guy and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this amazing little human I get to call me son.

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