Clementine Pumpkins: A Snack Craft!

Wednesdays are typically reserved for food related posts, but today pairs healthy snacking with halloween fun! Recently I’ve had the pleasure of spending some one on one time with my youngest nephew and he loves everything to do with halloween!

We drew with crayons, we bowled with a pumpkin, and then I saw our opportunity for fun! With a bunch of halloween stickers and a handful of clementine’s we went to town decorating! I set the scene by taking a black sharpie and coloring on the spooky faces and little dude had a blast sticking the stickers on! We practiced our fine motor skills with the sticker placing and moving, which is always a plus when you can bring some extra value on a developmental level to play time!

We not only decorated but then counted the “pumpkins” and played with them at the table for a decent chunk of the littlest mans naptime. Its always fun to get to be the fun aunt instead of the activity crazed mom, so nap time was the perfect time to break this out for my nephew.

Super easy and lots of fun, this activity brought our snacks to life in the spookiest way possible!

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