Cut and Paste Turkey Craft

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means we have a whole week of giving thanks and spending time with the people we love! This also means more time for turkey crafts! This one was super simple and although I may have helped little dude more than I probably should have, it’s a great keepsake to remember Thanksgiving with!

This craft requires a few materials, a pair of scissors a glue stick, construction paper, and googley eyes if you so choose. Doing this craft with my 18 month old, I did the cutting but if you are doing this with older kids you can probably let them use the scissors. I started by cutting out our turkey shape as well as the feathers. For this I free handed it but if thats not your thing you can head on over here for an easy to follow turkey template.

Next I glued together my eyes and beak to the turkey body, but do not glue the completed body to the paper just yet! Then little man glued and stuck (with some help) the feathers, and then we stuck the completed turkey body to the feathered area as shown below.

As you can see, I have a little bit of a control issue, so we followed up this adorable craft with some free marker time, which little man loved and I felt less quilty about assisting with the turkey.

No matter how your turkey comes out, if you’re taking the time to craft with a tiny human just be thankful for the experience, I know I’m forever thankful for my little dude and his patience for putting up with me as his mom.

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