Top 5 MA State Parks to Visit This Summer

An oldie but goodie to kick off the weekend!

New England Mama

Spring is finally beginning to arrive here in Massachusetts and with that comes the excitement of planning day trips to all of my favorite state parks! I’m lucky enough to live in a state that has a little bit of everything, and have visited a number of great state parks throughout the years, and figured it’d be appropriate to share my top five favorite state parks that are well worth the visit!

  1. Dunn’s Pond

I chose to start off with this one purely because it’s probably the most visited from the list, located within a very short driving distance of where I grew up and currently reside, this one is small but packs plenty to see! Located in Gardner, MA, this pond is surrounded by a walking trails through a moderately wooded area that are great for running, or even finding a spot close to the water to fish! This…

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